McLaren P1



The legendary car maker McLaren Automotive returns with a plug-in hybrid hyper-car as the successor for the McLaren F1. McLaren say that is was “Designed By Air” and it is based off of the MP4-12C, but comparing them on the track definitely won’t be a fair race. The headlights are based on the McLaren logo, it has some of the freshest taillights we have seen and a massive adjustable spoiler. Be advised to own this McLaren you will need US$1,350,000.



Power: 903 hp (727bhp 3.8-litre V8 and 176bhp electric motor)
Torque: 531 lb ft @ 4000 rpm
Acceleration: 0 -62 mph: under 3 s, 0-124 mph: under 7 s
Top Speed: 217 mph (electronically limited)
Braking Distance: 124-0 mph 403ft, 62-0 mph 100ft
Lateral G-Force: N/A
Fuel Consumption: 30 mpg (electric), 12 mpg (gas)
Weight: 3,075 lbs
Power to Weight: 0.29
Weight Distribution: 42% front, 58% rear
Emission Levels: 279 g/km
Engine: McLaren M838T engine twin-turbocharged flat-plane V8
Displacement: 3800 cc


375 models will be produced. The original number was 500, but some customers were concerned about its exclusiveness at that number. We don’t blame them though; it’s always a nice feeling when you know not many people are driving a car like yours.

McLaren P1 Commercial



The making of the McLaren MP4-12C



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